3 Pcs Hermetic Square Sets

All Clip Box container sets are designed with a four-hinge locking mechanism and silicon ring for airtight seal.  Perfect for on-the-go meals and snacks.

•extra secure lid seal helps prevent spills

•available in rectangular or square shape


•refrigerator and freezer safe

•microwave and dishwasher safe

•holds in freshness!

•Capacity : 0.350L + 0.7L. + 1.5L.

  #: S0123                                            Pack: 24

  Size:  18 x 18 x  7.5H Cm                 CBM:  0.06

            7.086 x 7.086 x 2.95(H)"         CBF:   2.11

  20F:   12,000                                    40H:    27,984

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