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3 Pcs Klic Sets

• Storage to optimize space: small storage boxes are great for keeping supplies organized, separated & easy to identify. Maximize your storage space; stack them or use them side by side to create the storage solution that works for you

• Safe and resistant:  lightweight and durable, easy to carry. Each Nano Klic Box has two closing handles, so that your items are safely stored.


• Multi-purpose: suitable for organizing small items, screws and bolts, crafts, beads, coins and jewelry. It is OK to place Klic Box in drawer or closet. You can also use the small box as a travel kit to store some personal care products like hairpins, necklaces etc.

                 3 Pcs Klic Set: 2 NANO + 1 Low Rect 

                    #: 200-2103+2121

                    Size: 14.06 x 9.38 x 9 cm           Pack: 18 

                             5,55 x 3,7 x 3,55’’              CBM: 0,024     

                    Volume: 0.67 L                            CBF: 0.85

                    20F: 22500 

                    40HC: 52500

                    3 Pcs Klic Set: 2 NANO + 1 High Rect 

                    #: 200-2104+2121

                    Size: 14.06x9.38x12.2H cm           Pack: 18

                             5,55 x 3,7 x 4,81’’                  CBM: 0,027   

                    Volume: 0.96 L                               CBF: 0.95

                    20F: 20000

                    40HC: 46666

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