5 Pcs Low Boxes Set

The 5 Pcs container sets are designed for easy storage with lids conveniently ‘clicking’ into one another along with containers.

  • Designed with click and easy-open lids, boxes are compact & Lightweight,  

  • Containers nest inside together for convenient, space-saving storage

  • Transparent makes it Easy to see what is stored

  • Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe

  • Includes the following sizes: 4.2L, 2.5L, 1.5L, 0.6L, 0.26L

  • Shrink wrapped with a full colour label.

#: 5555                                                Pack:  24

Size:  30x 21.3 x 8H Cm                     CBM:  0.128

          11.81 x 8.38 x 3.15 (H)"            CBF:   4.52

  20F: 5,616                                         40H:   13,080

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