My Q Box 

“MY Q BOX” by Cottage-Line is a smart cube sized storage solution and organizer that can hold all your small essentials: sewing supplies, writing and painting utensils, arts & crafts (beads, string, clips, and tools), hair products, miniature toys, First Aid products, jewelry, and other small items. 
Product features: 
• 2/3 of the size of our My Box 
• Transparent cover 
• Your choice of one or two sliding trays          with 7 compartments in total or without          trays at all 

  #: 0373/4/5                                       Pack: 12

  Size:  25 x 23.5 x 10.3( H) Cm         CBM:  0.074

            9.75 x 9.16 x 4.01(H)"             CBF:    2.613

  20F:   4,860                                      40H:   11,340

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