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Cold Cut Food Container

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Cold Cut Container –  the item is presented as a set of a plate and a  transparent lid which are transformed into two comfortably serving dishes.

Once your meal is over you may click two parts together and stack the containers one onto the other right in the fridge.

The smart design allows you to easily stack containers without its falling on sides: underneath of the low plate is developed with protectors as well as the top of the lid has its deepening. Its puzzling is perfect for your space saving!  

             Cold Cut Food Container

             #: 200-4006

             Size: 24.9 x 17 x 3.2H cm              Pack: 12

                      9.8 x 6.7 x 1.26"                    CBM: 0.017

             20F: 20000                                     CBF: 0.6

             40HC: 46667

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