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In-House Development & Products Innovation

We understand the power of design and the importance of functionality.
We invest great efforts to ensure that all items in our product lines have original and unique design features that make each product practical and easy for everyday use.
We focus on product research and development. Our highly
experienced In-House R&D Department uses the most advanced design processes that consider the whole product, including best
individual packaging, shipment, and impressive in-store presentation.
All of the products are made from high-quality recyclable plastic materials and are produced with the best manufacturing processes.

Packaging Designs

The packaging of a product leaves a lasting positive impression on the customer.

On the store shelf or after purchase, the appeal of a product’s packaging has the ability to influence your reaction regarding a product’s quality & value.  


During the design stage we consider the whole product, including best individual packaging and in-store presentation.


We work with structural and graphic designers for advice on material choice and production of packaging designs best suited for your product.

Logistic Services

In addition to our design and manufacturing capabilities, we understand that customer support is of the highest importance.

Our industry experience and exporting background has prepared us with the knowledge by
which to make sure swift and prompt delivery of your order from any port that we are shipping from to any point of delivery.
Through our production houses in Vietnam, India and China we can now offer extended and more flexible distribution and logistics services.


Kuehne Nagel

Ordering Information


Our specialty is in meeting all your product specifications, including special features, barcodes, packaging and shipping.

We can accommodate:

  • specific color combinations

  • packaging requests by color or assorted

  • barcodes

  • special item information

  • shipping marks to be printed on exterior packaging

  • Private labels (for orders above certain production quantities)


All of our orders are given special care because they are custom-ordered. You can expect one of our representatives to respond to your request shortly. Contact Us at 

Environmental Policy

Cottage plastic Ltd. is committed to upholding its responsibility to protect the environment and minimize the environmental impact of both manufacturing and distribution. To this end, the company conducts its business activities in such a way that adheres to all legal requirements and relevant best practices.


All of our products are manufactured using only 100% recyclable plastics.

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