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Cottage Plastic Ltd., founded in 2005, is the exclusive manufacturer of the                            brand. We are a dynamic plastics company that  keeps the philosophy of creating simplicity by designing & manufacturing customized stylish, practical high quality plastic products which are sold world wide.


Cottage Plastic Ltd.  Represents several factories in various countries with exclusivity in the European market.

Since 2015 Cottage Plastic has increasingly expanded its product line, offering reduced prices to its customers through its                brand name, entirely designed and developed in Israel and manufactured in India, China and Vietnam.


With over 25 years of industry experience, our company takes great care in implementing best manufacturing practices and upholding lead times and production deadlines. All of our products are manufactured using only 100% recyclable plastic.


We respond to enquiries swiftly but we take the time to get know your product requirements. We do this by investing in product development, so that the final product meets your specifications while improving the end-user product experience


Our goal is to offer the ideal balance between durability and price. We work with distributors worldwide.


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