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Large Storage

•  Storage to optimize space: stackable with the 7 Nano Box, each Nano box has lid  that  great for storing and organizing crafts, beads or sewing suppliers, hardware, lego and separated & easy to identify. Create the storage solution that works  for you​.


•  Safe and resistant: lightweight and durable, easy to carry. Each storage Box has one clip lock and handle on the top, so that your items are safely stored.     

  Multi-purpose: suitable for organizing stationery, portable handled, screws and bolts, crafts, beads, coins and jewelry. You can also use the small box as a travel kit to store some personal care products like hairpins, necklaces, make-up and etc.

           Large Storage Box


            Size: 28.33 x 18.41 x 8.9 cm                 Pack: 12

                     11.02 x 7.09 x 3.15"                      CBM: 0.06

            20F: 5901                                              CBF: 2.12

            40HC: 13770

            Large Storage Box with 7 Clicking boxes

             #:200-7006 + 7072    

             Size: 28.33 x 18.41 x 8.9 cm                 Pack: 12

                      11.02 x 7.09 x 3.15"                      CBM: 0.06

             20F: 5901                                               CBF: 2.12

             40HC: 13770

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