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SpiNSave D7.8


Stackable locking containers - a unique design to fit your storage and organizational needs! 8 different sizes with different capacities from 250ml up to 2200ml to organize your kitchen in a smart way!

Carry SpiNSave with no worries! The Spin & Save locking system keeps the containers stacked one on top of the other one to transport food easily. 

BPA FRE containers are customized to fit your refrigerator door, shelf or any other storage place of your choice for maximum space-saving! Transparent for easy identification of the content.

       SpiNSave 250 ML D7.8 cm



         Size: D7.8 x 7.6 cm                Pack: 96

                  D3.07 x 3"                      CBM: 0.0436

         20F: 66055                             CBF: 1.539

         40HC: 154128

       SpiNSave 400 ML D7.8 cm



       Size: D7.8 x 11.0 cm                   Pack: 60

                D3.07 x 4.32"                      CBM: 0,0411

       20F: 43795                                   CBF: 1.45

       40HC: 102189


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