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Mini A4 with 8 Nano Box

• Storage to optimize space: 8 mini storage boxes in a multi-purpose storage box container. Maximize your storage space; stack them or use them side by side to create the storage solution that works for you.

• Safe and resistant:  lightweight and durable, strong enough to bear heavy products. Each Nano Klic Box has two closing handles, so that your items are safely stored.


• Multi-purpose: convenient to organize small things in a compact storage container and easy to take them out individually. Transparent plastic enables to clearly identify where each item is stored without having to open each box.

              Mini A4 Klic Box + 8 Nano 

               #: 200-2107+2181

               Size: 28.9x22.2x6.6H cm           Pack: 12

                        11.38 x 8.74 x 2.6’’            CBM: 0,051     

               20F: 7058                                   CBF: 1.8

               40HC: 16470

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