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Mini A4 Klic box with 4 clips

• Storage to optimize space: stackable with the same Mini A4 Box. 

Transparent for ease of use. Ideal for numerous applications in the classroom, office or home.

• Safe and resistant: Mini A4 Klic Box has four closing handles located on each side of the box, so that your items are safely stored.


• Multi-purpose: ideal for craft and paper storage. Convenient for the safe storage of everyday items such as pens, pencils or brushes and paints.

                    Mini A4 Klic Box 

                    #: 200-2107

                    Size: 28.9x22.2x6.6H cm           Pack: 12

                             11.38 x 8.74 x 2.6’’            CBM: 0,051     

                    20F: 7058                                   CBF: 1.8

                    40HC: 16470



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