Storage to optimize space: Our storage boxes are small but can contain many       different objects. You can stack them in your desk drawer or kitchen cupboard.

Very resistant:  each of our Nano Klic Box has two colors closing handles     

   located on the front and back of the box, so that your items are safely stowed.


Multiple uses: Pack contains 12 x 0.16 liter Storage Boxes in a Plastic Organizer.      Boxes are removable and can be stacked independently; Ideal for storing arts and    crafts and DIY accessories; Transparent to allow easy identification of contents.


set 12 Pcs Nano with Hive

#: 2121/8                                          Pack: 8

 Size: 20.6x22.7x9.6H Cm               CBM:  0.042

          8.11 x 22.7 x 3.78(H)"              CBF:   1.48

20F: 5714                                         40H:   13333

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