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Square Klic Box

Storage to optimize space: Our storage boxes are small but can contain many       different objects. You can stack them in your desk drawer or kitchen cupboard.

Very resistant:  each of our Klic Box has two colors closing handles     

   located on the front and back of the box, so that your items are safely stowed.


Multiple uses: Use these Boxes to store your small items, to organize your screws and bolts in your workshop. You can also arrange them in your kitchen to keep your spices or pastry utensils.

                 Square Klic Box 

                    #: 500-1102

                    Size: 8.76 X 7.62 X 7.08H cm           Pack: 60

                             3.44 X 3 X 2.78’’                       CBM: 0,0295        

                    Volume: 220 ml                                 CBF: 1.042

                    20F: 61016

                    40HC: 142372


                 Square Klic Box 2 Pcs Set 

                    #: 500-1122

                    Size: 8.76 x 7.62 x 13.4H cm           Pack: 30

                             3.45 X 3 X 5.28’’                       CBM: 0,029        

                    Volume: 440 ml                                 CBF: 1.024

                    20F: 31101

                    40HC: 72570

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